TWGrappler is an application built in purpose to help Twitter users hack into their lost / stolen accounts and recover them back.

When you think all hopes are lost; You forgot your email address used when signing up for a Twitter account. You changed your phone number and old one is is no longer valid. Normally in these circumstances there is no chance to recover back lost accounts. You can try to contact a Twitter support team for assistance, but they will always require access to your email account which you have used to create your Twitter profile. If you don’t have an access to it, you are screwed. But not anymore!

TWGrappler - Twitter Hack ToolThe app is made for desktop computers & mobile phones operating systems, including:
Microsoft Windows / macOS / Android / iOS

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How The Tool Works?

TWGrappler App will help you to hack Twitter password you have lost by using latest enhanced technology called “brute-force”. Modified by modern standards, the tool will use a virtual self-created list of all possible password combinations with any existing character that could be typed in a keyboard, and then will attempt to login to a given Twitter account until a right password is matched.

Normally, Twitter’s security system will block anyone’s IP address if they tried to login three times unsuccessfully in a certain account. This measure would stop any classic brute-force application which were popular amongst hackers a decade & more ago, but not TWGrappler. Our software has built-in proxy system inside which changes a new unused IP address every third time the app attempts to login to a given account. TWGrappler is connected to our private server via API from where it takes fresh IP addresses stored in secured database. This makes it unstoppable from Twitter’s security blocking system.

How long does it takes to hack password using TWGrappler?

Hacking time will depend on how “strong” password was used by a Twitter account owner. In most situations people use simple passwords made by lowercase letters only. These ones can be cracked in just few minutes. Some more complex ones (made of letters plus numbers) can take longer. There is no exact answer on this since each password if made differently.

Terms & Conditions

The full terms & conditions policy is located at TWGrappler’ download page. Keep in mind that it’s strictly forbidden to hack Twitter accounts which you do not possess or without a legal permission from an actual account owner. Any unallowed activity will be on your own responsibility.