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Table of Content:
1. Terms & Conditions
2. Troubleshoots
3. Download TWGrappler App

Terms & Conditions:

By downloading TWGrappler application, you are agreeing with the terms & conditions policy below.
This policy is created in purpose to protect us (authors) from illegal activities which can be done using our software.

You promise to use TWGrappler tool for the following purposes only:

  • 1. To recover access to your own personal/business Twitter account, which may have been compromised due to hacking or forgetting a password of.
  • 2. To perform a parental control by monitoring a Twitter account of one’s own minor children that will ensure their safety from online criminals.

Moreover, you also promise not to use the TWGrappler program for any purpose that it is not aimed for, such as:

  • 1. Hack other people’ Twitter accounts without their knowledge.
  • 2. Abuse, stress, or threaten any person from hacked Twitter profile.
  • 3. Recover a lost Twitter account(s) in goal to send spam messages or spread out malware infected files (attachments).

By accepting the above terms, you will not hold the app’s authors responsible for anything that qualifies as illegal or unauthorized action issuing from use of the tool.

Troubleshoots which may occur for some users:

– Microsoft Windows:
Users who have old versions of Windows such as XP SP2 or older can have problems with running TWGrappler if they didn’t install Microsoft’s .NET Framework. The problem is easily solved by installing NET Framework.

Download TWGrappler App:

Notice: The previous version v.1.0 “Beta” has been sealed from further updates and will no longer work, as it meant to be only for test usage before launching final version.
Download the final version by clicking the button below.

OS OS Supported: Windows, macOS, Android (Apk), iOS (iPhone / iPad)
(Jailbreak is not required for iOS device)

Time Latest App Update: February 5th, 2024.
Valid Status: Working